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30 Jan 07:14 PM

Enterprise Security Architect

You are the lead on the ground for platform security, both in terms of security services that need to be built out, but even more critically, what the prescription is for integrating with those tools. Your experience with identity management, PKI, and authentication/authorization tool integration will be critical as clients try and build a clear roadmap for how to build core security services into the platform.

As a trusted partner to help set their vision, you’ll be pushing industries forward and helping them through their difficult technology challenges. As a servant-leader, you’ll foster an environment that empowers teams and will pursue the development of your team members, setting everyone up to deliver their best work.

  • Subject Matter Expertise in most of the following areas:
    • Pipeline and Delivery Infrastructure security
    • Architectural patterns and integration with Identity Providers and Corporate Id (e.g. OAuth 2.0, SAML, LDAP, 2FA)
    • Authorization strategies and policy management approaches
    • Facilitating developer integration with enterprise security services through standardized client libraries, templates, and scaffolding
    • Cloud network topology and account management (e. g. AWS VPC, IAM)
    • PKI infrastructure and secret management
    • Strategies for controlling access to pipeline resources like CI tools and artifact repos
    • Integration with API gateway tools
    • Developing strategies around logging and auditing practice and tooling that enable security teams the visibility they need to do their job well