Canna Waze
New York, NY, United States
23 Apr 10:24 PM

Dispatch Customer Relations

We are a delivery service but the first of its kind on the East Coast we offer a client login portal with updated delivery times and by the minute updated inventory. I'm looking for someone reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, and reliable under high-pressure situations. Everything we do is all to take another advancement further in this industry I have a lot of things in store for the future of this business, and I want someone who can see that the way I do and that we can call upon to rely on while I'm away on business.

1. The position will require you to answer the phone and answer online orders manage them and dispatch them to our drivers.

2. Our website is very easy and straightforward to use you will be in charge of managing all orders and setting up the On Fleet destinations for our drivers.

3. You will also be my go to when I go to California I'm hoping to be able to rely on you to keep everything running smoothly.

4. Someone that's good with basics of computers, customer relations, problem-solving, and good under high-pressure