Bangkok Thailand
17 May 10:28 AM

GetLinks Hero Intern!

Ever wondered what it’s like working in a startup? Wonder no more! 

Getlinks is a quality-curated tech hiring marketplace for Asia, focusing on 3 main categories of talents - Developers, Designers, Digital Marketers. In short, we build great teams around the world. Don't believe us? Ask Grab, Line, Lazada, Garena etc.

Why are we so important? In 2020, Singapore and South-East Asia will face a shortage of +30,000 tech talents, as we move vastly into a digital society. Talk VR, IoT, Data, driverless cars etc. Every single company, startups and MNCs are adopting tech at an alarming rate, but lack of one critical resources - technical talents. We are here to solve that. And we need your help.

Firstly located in Bangkok, GetLinks now exists in Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, and recently in India.

GetLinks is currently expanding its operations and is looking for highly motivated interns to join the team!


We are looking for interns to fill in a wide range of roles: 

  • Business Development (Sale and recruiter) 
  • Marketplace Team 
  • Business Expansion 
  • Web Developer 
  • Event Organizer

If you are proactive, polyvalent, critical thinking, and self-confident about your ability to adapt quickly to stressful situations, join us and experience the best startup experience.