Ecole M
Paris, France
5 Dec 09:00 AM

Enseignant(e) de Maternelle / Pre-school Teacher

    • École M is an innovative bilingual pre-school (“école maternelle”), opening in September 2018 in Paris (48 allée Darius Milhaud, 75019 Paris).

    • Children’s happiness and self-fulfillment are central to the school’s vision.  Regardless of personality, background or environment, each child will acquire fundamental skills and develop his/her individual personal and social strengths.

    • Our key objectives are to focus on helping each child acquire core competencies, both intellectual and emotional, to reach their individual potentials and to become prepared for the future.

    • We believe the interactions between teachers and children are at the core of education. Together as a school community, school administrators, families, and teachers are responsible for supporting this relationship.  

    • Our mission is to ensure that the education team focuses on what it does best: teaching and aiding in children’s development. Educators can best accomplish this by spending their in-class time with children on value-added activities, using the most appropriate methods and tools.

    • We believe in the life-long personal and professional development of our education team. We encourage and support a collaborative school culture where innovative teaching methods, effective communication, and the dynamic use of space are utilized to nurture children’s qualities and growth.

Job Description

  • You will co-teach a class of up to 24 children, aged 3 to 6, together with a French-speaking teacher, under the supervision of the school head.

  • You will be responsible for preparing, developing and delivering organized learning plans for your class, in accordance with the school’s mission and the Education Nationale program, and in close collaboration with the other school teachers.

  • You will determine each child’s academic and social emotional learning objectives and design individualized learning plans to meet them.

  • You will communicate learning targets and outcomes to colleagues, families, and students.

  • You will establish strong and productive relationships with children, their families, other teachers, and school administrators.

  • You will contribute to the school’s development with a commitment to the craft of teaching, open-mindedness, and direct communication.

  • You will collaborate with researchers, designers, technologists, and other educators to design and refine an innovative model for primary school education.

  • You will receive training and opportunities for professional development throughout the year. Some of these training sessions will happen during the holiday period. 

Not specified