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21 Dec 07:36 PM

Data Scientist Intern

Data Scientists are focused on deriving value from an organizations data. This is accomplished by acquiring and exploring various data sets from a number of sources and developing programs that can analyze and provide results for specific business questions. Resources use machine learning-based tools or methods to create scoring or recommendation engines, or custom algorithms. They may perform one or more of the following types of activities:

  • Engage with business stakeholders to translate business requirements into data analytic use cases.
  • Define infrastructure and software requirements to enable analytic solutions.
  • Development prototypes and proof of concepts for defined use case(s).
  • Define and implement data collection strategies to acquire required data sets.
  • Perform data cleansing, standardization, and enrichments.
  • Conceptualize various models using industry standard tools and methods
  • Develop distributed computing solutions with a focus on collecting, parsing, and analyzing large or complex data sets.
  • Design and implement visualization tools and dashboards
  • Develop presentation material and conduct presentation to stakeholders

Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics

Advanced degree highly desired

Familiarity with distributed computing principles

Ability to understand business problems and apply critical thinking skills

Knowledge of programming languages like Python, Scala, or R

Experience designing and building models and software for machine learning

Ability to manipulate data sets supporting business use cases

Basic understanding of regressions, trees, clustering, model selection, etc 

Understanding of visualization concepts or tools to present data results