Eastwood or Alabang
20 Feb 05:28 AM

Data Controller

Job Description

 Tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Leads from the Clients need to be maintained separately and it an expected growth in data these will be separated into the Clients databases.
  • These lists need to be collected and allocated to the different team Leaders.
  • The Data entry staff are to be advised which industries and areas are to be targeted and records maintained of these areas.
  • All lists need to be checked to ensure no double entries, or Clients that should not be called.
  • This data is to be downloaded daily to ensure that all BDR’s have sufficient lists to work on 
  • These lists are retained in the CSR, leads that require follow up need to be monitored and that the respect BDR or BDA follow-up when required.
  • Leads are also recorded in Salesforce CRM and the CRM packages are to be maintained as one ensuring no double ups.
  • Daily all leads that are received from the different areas whether emails, web, phone calls of outbound lead generation are allocated to the respective staff.
  • Each month targeted areas are to be downloaded for campaigns to be organised by the CFO

Must be Knowledgeable/Experienced with the Following

  • Administer day to day Outbound operations and check compliance of every campaign
  • Facilitate the production and performance of the dialer system
  • Soft-phone extension management
  • Setup campaign, login creation of users and skilling through VICI dialer system
  • Responsible in leads processing and management
  • Provide and interpret daily reports to clients regarding leads and targets
  • Troubleshoot VICI dialer system
  • Ensure compliance with the company and the AU/US/UK government’s DNC list.
  • Advance Excel Skills