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16 Apr 09:59 PM

Sample job


This is a sample job. It is set up for you to quickly learn the EasyHire.me interview platform.


If you are an employer, please do not change this description. This job will be closed automatically once the trial is over.

You can review our product videos about live and on-demand interviews:



or checkout our knowledge base:


Next steps

  • Create questions
  • Send an on-demand interview
  • Schedule a live interview
  • Watch interview recording
  • Share with your team
  • Review candidate‚Äôs performance and decide


If you are a candidate, this is where the real job description will appear. You can take as many practice interviews as you like to familiarize yourself with the platform and practice how you perform on video. Best of luck!

Sample requirements:

  • Language proficiency
  • Good writing skills
  • Strong networking skills
  • 5 years of relevant experience